About - Fiona Hooper Osteopathy
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Let’s treat this space a little differently to the traditional about me that would usually totally bore you out. I’m ready to spice this up and let you in on my true colours. If you haven’t already worked out that I’m a completely free-spirited life lover- then you are about to.


Let’s start at the beginning and by the end, you’ll realise I’m just your everyday human who is a completely open book.

  • I’m left handed- so rare I know.  
  • I only use a small spoon to eat, NEVER a big spoon EVER! 
  • My dad was born in Germany and my mum in Scotland. 
  • I ran with the year 2000 Olympic torch 
  • I used to be an elite athlete and competed at the Olympic trials 
  • My husband proposed to me in a freeway tunnel. Yep in front of our ‘broken’ down car with no emergency lanes!! 
  • Oh and then his car actually broke down in the middle of the night on his 6 hour drive from the mines to the birth of our first child.  Imagine Wolf Creek scenes….he made it with 10 minutes to go. 
  • Maddison arrived on her due date and her middle name is Paige, named after my girlfriend who became my substitute husband. 
  • We had 3 miscarriages before our first child due to adrenal fatigue and burnout.  
  • I live in a caravan 
  • I have a mind that never stops thinking   
  • I’m allergic to banana and pumpkin 

Not freaked out by the fact that I never use a large spoon and still keen to find out more about my family, my caravan life and me?  


You’ll probably try to call me out and tell me that I’m lying but believe it or not I hate writing!

I am, however, a self-confessed nerd and workaholic. 


I used to put colourful borders on every page at school (yes I’m that old) and claimed dux of year seven. Silly me (ironic because I was dux), I thought that meant I was the worst in the year. I’ll blame it on the fact that I was watching a fair bit of cricket at the time. I was that child that won high academic awards every year but when I met my now husband that all changed. Funny enough, he was an up and coming golfer until he met me. It was distraction at first sight.  


I was a jock but not a cool one (if that’s a thing!).  I liked to wear sports clothes any second I could because I was always joining in any sport I could. I’m going to call it and say that I was ahead of the active-wear trend long before its time. The only plus side now is that I no longer get picked on for wearing runners everywhere and the only downfall is that it doesn’t tend to bring about the same activeness these days.  


My first job was at McDonald’s in Mildura. I spent my first paycheck on a CD player and blasted TLC and Nsync on repeat! I was nerdy enough to win crew member of the year, receive a scholarship for my Athletics and be nominated to run with the 2000 Olympic torch. 


I moved away for University with my high school sweetheart just before I turned eighteen and god help me if my daughters ask to do the same because I won’t have a leg to stand on!  


I was at university for seven years in Melbourne. Two years of Exercise and Sports Science and then five years of Osteopathy!  I had always dreamt of being a physiotherapist due to my sporting background and never-ending injuries but in saying that I had never heard of Osteopathy when I had finished school.  Once I did the rest was history.  I applied after my first two years of university and each time didn’t receive an offer.  After the second upset, something had to change so I decided to make the trek out to Bundoora, Melbourne to ask them personally why.  They couldn’t explain why and felt maybe I was overlooked or that I should just finish my current degree.  I was certain that I would be wasting another year of my life finishing something I wasn’t interested in perusing.  I got a second round offer and here I am preaching my psychobabble love of Osteopathy to you!  If I wasn’t an Osteopath I would have been a paramedic, midwife, police officer or on the complete flip side, maybe an interior designer.  I started designing my house when I was in primary school and have been a vision board freak ever since. I have come to learn that this is a completely invaluable skill.  


So you’ll never guess but I met my husband, Wade, at a surprise sixteenth birthday party where no guests were invited (sweet sixteen and never been kissed)


We had to ring around and find randoms to attend (strange I know).  Wade was a random, who has turned out to be my one and only random. It was totally a case of right place, right time…fate…love at first sight, whatever you want to call it.  


Well not really, there is more to that story. We met again at the yearly Mildura Sport’s person of the Year Award.  We were both nominated for an award that I have chosen not to remember as Wade won it over me (not a happy camper).  


Anyway, enough about ‘that’ award, we wound up in love and now we are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters.  The girls really are the reason for going so social with my Osteopathy business. They created an intense need within me to share my story with you.  Maddison is my emotional baby and Azalea, my physical baby.  The three miscarriages we experienced before Maddison was due to my poor mental state, with severe burnout and when Azalea came, she sparked the physical trauma (making star jumps a little more difficult). This is an awareness that I now feel compelled to share with you because if not I, then who?  You’ll learn all about this as you follow my journey.  


Initially, my motivation for moving around and eventually back to Mildura was driven by three main things: education, money and family.  


The passing of my grandma in 2016 was the turning point for what actually mattered to me and helped me identify what truly creates happiness for my family and I. With this in mind we headed back interstate to Mildura with only a car and a trailer.  


And now our happiness lies in a caravan, but why?  


Role reversal has been the best thing ever! If you didn’t know already, while I’m out working, Wade is parenting our two girls and now he totally appreciates how postnatal depression can develop.   


We are both sick of being victim to groundhog day #stayathomemumlife #stayathomedadlife. Picking up the same toys twenty times per day and cleaning the kitchen five times a day just to name a few mundane daily rituals.  


Less space = less crap to clean up.  We are bursting at the seams to put our time into things that are valuable to us and our health and wellbeing- especially while the kids are young.   


Part of the caravan (some call crazy) idea came from wanting to use my Grandma’s inheritance on something meaningful.  We’ve had houses and they haven’t made us happy.  Just ungrateful tenants that want you to change their light bulbs and get the toilet leak looked at. We wanted to find something that would give our family memories and a present that would keep on giving in health, love, happiness and life experiences! What better way to make memories?  


‘The Wandering Osteo’ came about after living in a remote mining town where many of my patients have now relocated all over South Australia. It really became apparent to me that so many people don’t have the access to holistic healthcare such as Osteopathy so it was about time I combined my ideas and started taking my skills to more remote areas around Australia.   


After many messages from past clients on social media, I just couldn’t ignore the passion to get my hands on them again and to show and teach new clients how Osteo can change their quality of life for the better! 


So that’s me!  What about you?  I’d love to meet you one day soon to hear all about it.

xo Fiona





So what do I actually do? 


I use my hands, as a manual therapist, to diagnose and treat the cause of pain and not just the symptoms.  This treatment approach is designed to improve mobility and function and as a result, reduce pain. 


So is this Osteo thing new? 

Nope! It was developed in 1872 by physician A.T. Still, who believed that the body has the ability to heal itself.  He used his knowledge of anatomy and physiology to design a method and treatment approach to assist in resolving pain and ensure long-term resolution. 


So why are you touching my ankle when it’s my hip that hurts? 

Everything is connected!! Nothing works in isolation and by treating the body as a whole unit including its contributing factors will it allow us to locate the root cause and eliminate or modify it.  Factors can be internal or external causes, but either way, they need to be identified or treatment will remain symptomatic. Otherwise, you will find yourself booking in regular appointments!  


What are the main complaints you treat? 

I predominately treat all the aches and pains that come with what you do all day every day.  These include the neck and back pain and headaches associated with our jobs.   

I see a lot of ‘sciatica’, shoulder bursitis, sports injuries, pregnancy complaints and babies! 


Osteopathic treatment may also involve: 

-  Postural and mechanical assessments 

-  Tailored individual rehabilitation programs of workplace and sporting injuries and its prevention 

-  Sports and rehabilitation taping and bracing advice 

-  Advice on ergonomics, pillows, nutrition and exercise prescription 


Australian osteopaths are government registered practitioners who complete a minimum of five years’ university training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, general medical diagnosis and osteopathic techniques. 


Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners and are trained to recognise conditions that require medical referral. 


If you’ve been putting up with pain and not sure why then I’d highly recommend you check out the Australian Osteopathic website to find your local Osteopath (if I’m not passing by) or visit your local doctor to seek appropriate treatment. 




You can find out a little more about Osteopathy on my blog here.