Her Bodi Collective - Fiona Hooper Osteopathy
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Her Bodi Collective

I’m glad you’ve found your go to community! We are oh so excited to welcome you into this supportive, exciting and forward thinking space. The aim of this website is to become your online home, where you can feel loved, supported, empowered and confident about not only this present moment but also the future. 

You’ll have access to content that will allow you to self treat your mind, body and soul. You’ll have direct contact with our founder, Fiona Hooper- a practicing Osteopath for over 10 years with a passion for womens health and pregnancy along with our resident Health Coach and optimistic mentor Elly Davison. 

You’ll be able to pick the brains of many of our favourite health professionals as we welcome in guest speakers to educate and inspire you. 

Are you suffering from ongoing pain?  Why not have an Osteo at your finger tips. 

Lacking motivation to nourish and move your bodi? Let us help you find that inner drive and balance.

Ready to lift your mindset and see this world from a new perspective? 

Sign up now for daily access to this unique life changing platform.

Is this for you?

Got a quick question and don’t feel like spending hours searching Dr Google for the answer?

Woke up in pain, need help now and can’t get in to see someone until tomorrow or next week?

Can’t get to an appointment because the kids are sick or you can’t find a sitter?

Not sure if your concern is worth getting the kids dressed and in the car for….

Confused with all the conflicting advice and now given up on trying anything at all….

Live remote and have to drive 2 hours to seek help?

Looking for support during Pre conception, pregnancy, postnatally?

Suffering in pain since birth (like 5 years ago) and still putting up with it?

Didn’t bother going to the 6 wk post natal check up after the 2nd, 3rd child.  It’s 6 months later and you’ve just come up for air and would like to sort out some niggles?

Want to get moving after bubs and don’t know where to start.  Worried it’s too early and don’t want to end up walking and talking from your rear end like your Grandma? (Sorry Grandma)

Looking for a community of women that have your back?  A safe place to chat with no judgment?

To have your Osteo & access to other health professionals at home whenever you need them?

What do you get?

Ask your questions, concerns anytime & get behind the scenes access to Fiona’s unconventional world with work, family & life on the road.

Get all the answers to your burning questions, plus how you can create balance in life, get fit & healthy and manage any niggles from the comfort of your home through guidance, videos, tips and referrals where needed to our network of amazing ladies in the health industry.

Access to scrumptious recipes

Access to online HIIT sessions and a PT

Access to Fiona’s exclusive you tube channel

Workout with Fiona whilst she roams Australia

Discounted treatments and priority access to Fiona for treatments in person (when in your location)

Monthly Facebook live with Fiona and Special Guest webinars on a range of hot health topics

Discounts to all our beautiful business partners and their services