Practitioner Hub - Fiona Hooper Osteopathy
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Practitioner Hub

Dr Natalie Kringoudis (Melbourne)
Dr Miranda Myles(Melbourne)
– Lindsay Ingleton (Geelong)
– Gail Bailey (Adelaide) – 0406 596 301

Monthly Guest Speakers

April – Live Yoga with Aleksandra

Click here to see the replay and practice as often as you like!

Jan 2019 – Lindsay Ingleton (Naturopath)

Dec 2018 – Dr Nat Kringoudis (Dr of Chinese Medicine & Accupuncturist)

Fiona Loves

Hymn to Her – Dani Loxton.  Her concoction, ‘Calm your farm’, say no more!  For my babies but more often for me, there are even some therapeutic blends I use at work.

Supporting Australian businesses by stocking brands who use only natural and organic ingredients.

Ladies, you’ve heard me say her name before so now it’s time to take action! Nat’s e-courses can teach your hormones to be happier than a Pharrell William song, and every woman deserves to be that happy!

Let’s just say for all the parents of girls out there – yes, yes, yes!  Absolutely love and 100% support this foundation.

Hypnobirthing Australia –I did this online from a remote town and it was hands down the most valuable labour prep!

It’s time to ditch your tampons, liners, and pads and join the Modibodi Movement. Our sustainable, luxuriously comfy​ ​underwear & water repellent swimwear protects you from all of life’s unmentionables.